Orlando Ferito

Un film de Vincent DIeutre


In the storing room of a small theatre in Sicily, the puppets are lamenting over their fate. It is true that in Europe, everything is going wrong. In 1975, Pasolini already announced the Disappearance of the Fireflies and the triumph to come of the Castle of Lies. 40 years later, a French director arrives in Palermo in quest of a new political hope. Gradually, his intimate tale blends with the puppets' drama, under the sign of Orlando, Prince of the Pupi, and of Georges Didi-Huberman, Survival of the Fireflies. Mafia, homosexuality, general disengagement, despite the lucid look of the film director on today's Sicily, his voyage will turn into a fairytale and the celebration of the « Principle of Hope ».

105 min
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Livret : facsimilé du dossier de presse
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