When our eyes are closed. Clandestin Art in Buchenwald

A film by Christophe Cognet


From 1937 to April 1945, in the Buchenwald - Dora - Kommandos concentration camps complexe, more than twenty artists-deportees managed to secretly draw their living conditions.This is the work this documentary would like to examine: the conditions of its creation, the images it represents, the struggles it portrays and its circulation since that time. And quite simply to show it as a whole for the first time since the liberation of the camps, letting people see it in all its intricacy, confronting it with other pictures of these camps ; exhibiting it alongside what is left to see, there, in the remains of the camp ; searching for it too, in the places where it has been preserved – scattered, we should say - now.

Tigon Film Distributors LTD, Citizen TV
With drawings of Bata ( ou Baxa), Léon Delarbre, Auguste Favier, José Fosty, Gaston Gentillon, Paul Goyard, Roman Jefimenko, Karol Konieczny, Jacques Lamy, Pierre Mania, Henri Pieck, René Salme, Herbert
CNC, Ministère de la Défense, Procirep et Angoa. Participation de TV5 Monde Monde.
52 min

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