Winston McAnuff Electric Dread

A film by Gilles Le Mao


Winston McAnuff was born in the hills of Jamaica in 1957. Nicknamed “Electric Dread”, reggae was ingrained in his life from an early age.On stage at the French world music festival Les Escales  Saint-Nazaire, this pastor’s son steps beyond his role as Rastafarian preacher, performing with a fiery spirit that is as distinctive as it is jovial. He runs across the stage, lectures the crowd, and rolls around joyfully on the floor. But where does his boundless energy come from after so many years of silence? How does McAnuff share his memories and beliefs with the “old white Europe”, where he makes his comeback thanks to the Makasound label?
In contrast to his stage charisma, we share moments with him in an intimate setting, seated and relaxed. Against a neutral backdrop of a stage under construction, guitar in hand, he recounts stories about Rasta culture. His words and prayers evoke poetry from far-off Jamaica, the land of his first musical inspiration and his first life-changing encounters. Even though this great island is far away, the ghosts of elders are ever-present. Electric Dread philosophizes…

Festival les Escales de Saint-Nazaire, Trace TV & Télénantes
Winston Mc Anuff, Thomas Joint-Lambert, Daniel Moustin, Xavier Begue, Jimmy Zaccardelli, Guillaume Briard, Eric Gaultier, Thomas Henning
Sacem, CNC, Trace, Makasound, Procirep Angoa
52 min

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