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Freedom Now!

Carte blanche to 6 filmmakers


This experience has gererated 6 films which, each in their own way, summon up a formal and introspective imagination around music. By both appropriating sound material (music, noise, texts) and intensifying and experimenting with its relationship to image, each filmmaker proves that we can do something other than simply paraphrase or entertain with it.One of the series’ notable elements, among others, is the omnipresence of politics : they touch on African American social movements, immigrants in the French suburbs and modern war.

Banlieues Bleues, Mezzo.
Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Dj Spooky & Matthew Shipp - Conjure (Kip Hanrahan. David Murray. Taj Mahal. Ishmael Reed...) - Dave Douglas Septet. Instant Composers Pool Orchestra - Cheikha Rabia & Bellemou
75 min
WATCH ME a documentary by Xavier Baudoin. Le travail du saxophoniste américain Ernest Dawkins avec des collégiens de Seine-St-Denis dans le cadre des "actions musicales" du festival Banlieues Bleues. 52'
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