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YONA FRIEDMAN - Un habitant indiscipliné

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Defender of the disciplined anarchy and of a realistic utopia, Yona Friedman places himself beyond the disciplinary boundaries. An architect, an artist, a sociologist, an anthropologist, Friedman develops a research set on the manners of investing the earth. Rich in paradoxes beneath their apparent simplicity, the concepts of a spatial city and of mobile architecture offered by Friedman do not describe a model of society but a process of self-decision. Far from any ideology, Yona Friedman expresses with humour and relevance, qualities he embodies, an opinion on the context. The right of understanding, and the right of interpreting according to his own experience are the keywords that underline a holistic, systematic and above all political philosophy.

A long interview (2h30) with Yona Friedman led by Sylvie Boulanger and directed by Gilles Le Mao

A slide show on architecture (30 min) drawn by Yona Friedman and set to music Max-Louis Raugel
11 animated films African tales directed by Yona Friedman (de 1960 à 1963)

La Huit / cneai =
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