Looking for Ornette

Two films about Ornette Coleman


a film by jacques goldstein, 2016, 61’, stereo

Jacques Goldstein goes on a quest for a spectre, a spectre that haunts Jazz. Who was Ornette Coleman, the saxophonist and composer whom we owe the invention of Free Jazz to? If his seminal body of work is now - rightfully so - fully recognized, the man remained deliberately mysterious and enigmatic. The director makes attempts to approach him. He visits and interviews musicians who owe him a lot. A portrait of Ornette takes shape as these sketches gradually unfold, the man who thought that beauty was a rare thing.

a film by stéphane jourdain, 2016, 56’, stereo, 5.1

From his career debut within the ONJ (french National Jazz Orchestra) to his duet GRAND BAZAR with Eve Risser, Antonin-Tri Hoang’s music is reminiscent of the late Ornette Coleman, with its florid lyricism and a similar taste for controlled skidding. Commissioned by Banlieues Bleues, APPARITIONS - ORNETTE aims at summoning the spirit of the free jazz godfather. Antonin-Tri Hoang offers dreams, wanderings, evocative bridges. Not a revival, but a survival. His NOVEMBRE quartet, joined by its many guests, masters the art of zapping and collage between eras and references. The film is the story of this creation and of these apparitions.

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Et aussi

The Punkt Festival in Kristiansand (Norway) is based on a live remix experience. Every concert is immediately followed by its remixed performance by other guest musicians. Indeed, the music first heard in its live original form resurfaces consequently anew, with improvisation and surprise.

3 films by Guillaume Dero



March 2016, Howe Gelb, the charismatic founder of Giant Sand has announced the band’s last tour after thirty years of career and about twenty albums. This farewell tour will ends in Paris, during a memorable concert at the Trabendo. Howe Gelb is accompanied by a number of musicians who have shared these thirty years by his side, as well as prestige guests.

With : Howe Gelb, Gabriel Sullivan, Brian Lopez invités: Jason Lytle et Winston Watson