Streets of Kabul

Basir Seerat, Mahbouba Ebrahimi, Taj Mohammad Bakhtari, Wahid Nazir, Hamed Alizada


The "streets of Kabul" are not quite like every streets around the world.
At one of the many checkpoints in the city, policemen take turns, exposed to all dangers, far from their families, sheltered in containers where they share their meagre meals, and try to steal a few hours sleep.
The mailman’s inextricable difficulties as he does his rounds in the streets of Kabul, where addresses are often mysterious and deliveries akin to treasure hunts.
An ambulance company and its tireless heroes doing their job day and night in the chaotic streets and traffic jams of Kabul. A team made up of a driver and a doctor, who, having lost a child in a bomb attack, fights every day to save others’lives.
A young woman struggles to get her driver’s license and to join a company of taxi drivers where there are only men.
Vintage horse-drawn carriages used as taxis mingle with heavy automobile traffic down a very long street. The coachmen attempt to resist the pressing urban planning desires of the riverbank inhabitants, a modernization which would make them disappear.

La Huit / Pages et Images / les Ateliers Varan
avec la participation de Ciné+, et le soutien du CNC, de la région Languedoc-Roussillon et de la Procirep Angoa
145 min

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