Transglobal Underground

A film by Guillaume Dero


The music of Transglobal Underground has always been a regular on British dancefloors. This film brings us another facet of the stellar 1990s’ band, revealing them as a multicultural group with dazzling stage presence. TGU operates as a music collective with two producers at its core – Tim Whelan and Hamid Man Tu. Each new concert and recording is an opportunity to work with musicians from different backgrounds. Fusing Indian tonalities, Arabic vocals, Eastern European chants and electro rhythms, their music is a reflection of their ethnic diversity and integration into the London of today. The film was shot at the Escales de Saint-Nazaire 2007 festival and in London.

Les Escales de St Nazaire, Télénantes
Tim Whelan keyboards voice Hamid Man Tu drumsT.U.U.P. vocals percussion Sheema Mukherjee sitar bass Krupa Pattni voice Gurjit Sihra dhol Doreen Thobekile + Naufalle (guest
CNC / La Procirep-Angoa / SACEM /La région des Pays de la Loire

52 min
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